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Immigrant & Refugee Resources

Currently, the United States boasts of an immigrant population of roughly 84.3 Million people which is about 27%of the population as recorded by the 2016 Current Population Survey.  In 2015, the US foreign-born immigrant population increased by1.38 million people, which is a 2 percent increase over previous year.  Among that growing population of immigrants are Africans who have made the United states their home in a variety of cities and municipalities throughout the country.  In an answer to the growing number of African immigrant, AIRF provides services and referrals to help African immigrants adjust to their new life in the United States. You are encouraged to take advantage of the resources provided on this pa reach out to us as necessary.    We urge you to peruse the resources on this page first before reaching out, you will find helpful links and information to resources in the Washington, DC,  metropolitan area (Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia).



Please read AIRF's Official Statement regarding the US 2017 Immigration Policy.  To Download the AIRF Resource Guide, please click here to  get your FREE copy.  You may also use the links below to find information on services and programs in the DMV area and beyond.

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